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  • Set up and operate as an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant anywhere of your choosing - from your own home or a space outside your home.
  • Integrate the Cambridge Weight Plan brand with an existing business like a pharmacy, consulting rooms or any health & beauty space.
  • Run your Cambridge Weight Plan business full time or part time.
  • Set-up and operational guidelines will be provided to you and will include training, skills and support on how to consult with and advise clients.
  • Be afforded the esteemed rights to trade as a Cambridge Weight Plan Independent Consultant.
  • Become a part of a well-established worldwide weight-loss and health brand.
  • Make an income by helping others live healthily and look their best - if you feel passionate about this, the customers will come.
Cambridge Weight Plan is the business opportunity you have been waiting for.
Do you have people skills and want to help others live their most healthy lives?
Sell a successful range of nutritionally-balanced, scientifically-formulated meal-replacement products to your customers that get real results.
Develop personalised weight plans to fit your customers’ needs. 
Provide one-on-one support to real people who are committed to losing weight healthily.
Help real people to lose weight healthily and find their confidence - very rewarding.
  • Work for yourself
  • Choose your own targets
  • Choose flexibility and set your own hours
  • Choose your own workplace
  • Choose your own team but only if you want one
  • Create your own earning potential
  • Set your own prices and keep all the profits
Become a Cambridge Weight Plan Independent Consultant today!
  • It is a sustainable business opportunity with real success stories
  • There is a massive weight-loss market in South Africa looking for a weight plan that really works
  • Rates of obesity have more than doubled since 1994
  • There is huge uncapped income potential
  • Cambridge Weight Plan offers safe, scientifically-formulated weight management products that have a proven success rate.
  • The flexible diet plans have been medically tested
  • A wealth of research supports successful results
  • Excellent one-to-one support for customers ensures they lose weight and remain loyal 
What makes the Cambridge Weight Plan such a successful business opportunity?
There are fabulous benefits! 
Our guidance, support and tips will provide you with everything you need to earn a big income
Your gross margin on product sales ranges between 30 and 35%, depending on how you price your products 
You earn an income from the product sales and from charging a consultation fee, if you so wish.
We support you with marketing and even provide you with some leads to get you started
By building a sustainable business you earn exciting incentives and rewards 
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